Bed rest after IVF is harmful

Posted on 31. Aug, 2014 by in Bed rest, Embryo, Embryo transfer, In vitro fertilisation, India, ivf, Mumbai, Uterus

Most gynecologists in India continue to routinely prescribed bedrest after the embryo transfer . They scare them that if they do not rest, their embryo will fall out of their uterus ! Some of them insist that the patient not get out of bed even to go t…

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How many servings of fruits and vegetables should we eat a day?

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in conditions, obesity

Many organizations cook up recommendations for the number of fruit and vegetable servings you should eat every day.  Well known examples include the USDA which suggests two cups of fruit and two and a half cups of vegetables daily (approximately 8 to 10 servings), the American Heart Association which recommends 8 to 10 and the […]

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Disappointing outcomes despite a massive investment in EHRs

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in Health IT, Tech

The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009 committed to the expanded adoption of health information technology, expecting electronic health records (EHRs) to transform medical care while promising dramatic improvements in quality, efficiency and safety.  Five years and $25 billion later, the results have fallen short of expectations, and there are […]

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Deciphering hospital bills is not for the faint of heart

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in Hospital, Physician, Surgery

An excerpt from The Cost of Cutting: A Surgeon Reveals the Truth Behind a Multibillion-Dollar Industry. Deciphering the hieroglyphics of hospital bills, especially when it involves surgery, is not a job for the faint of heart. As Mr. Wilkes discovered when comparing notes with a friend, there’s another puzzle: the huge variation in charges between hospitals […]

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Playing politics

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in Uncategorized

Here’s a very clever ad from Don Berwick, who is running for governor in Massachusetts.  Even if you are voting for someone else–or live out of state–it’s worth a smile!

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An American doctor’s experience with the NHS

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in emergency, Health reform, Physician

You know it’s going to be one of those days when one of the first tweets on vacation inquires about the closest hospital. Victor, one of my 11-year-olds, had something in his eye courtesy of a big gust of wind outside of Westminster Abbey. He was complaining enough to let me flip his eyelid and […]

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Drug Gives ‘New Hope’ Against Heart Failure, Expert Says

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in Cardiology, Pharmacy, Research, News,

Experimental medication beat standard treatment at reducing hospitalizations, cardiovascular deaths

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Health care data is meaningless without context

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in Physician, Primary care

Cholesterol is bad. Cholesterol is an essential building block for important hormones. Eggs are bad. Eggs are a complete protein food. Salt is bad. Salt is essential for life. High blood pressure kills people. No blood pressure defines death. High blood sugar causes eye and kidney damage. Low blood sugar causes falls, fractures and car […]

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MKSAP: 55-year-old man with a wrist fracture and anemia

Posted on 30. Aug, 2014 by in conditions, endocrinology, GI

Test your medicine knowledge with the MKSAP challenge, in partnership with the American College of Physicians. A 55-year-old man is reevaluated during a follow-up examination for a wrist fracture and anemia. The patient is otherwise asymptomatic. He was treated in the emergency department 2 weeks ago after he slipped in his driveway and sustained a right wrist […]

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The problem with IVF supplements

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Dehydroepiandrosterone, DHEA, Dietary supplement, FDA, Food and Drug Administration, In vitro fertilisation, Medical prescription, Polycystic ovary syndrome

Lots of infertile patients take supplements in the hope that these will increase their chances of getting pregnant . Lots of doctors also prescribe these supplements, for many reasons. Some are designed to improve egg quality; others to improve endomet…

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How to be a great health care administrator

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Hospital, Physician

In no other field is unity and collaboration between administrators and frontline staff more important than in health care. Unfortunately my own experience is that the disconnect and mistrust, especially from doctors and nurses, towards hospital administration is growing larger all the time. Continue reading … Your patients are rating you online: How to respond. […]

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Spaceflight Might Weaken Astronauts’ Immune Systems

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Infections, Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine, News,

NASA studies suggest a heightened risk for illness or allergy for crew members

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Take Steps to Control Bunions

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Family Medicine, Rheumatology, News,

Ignoring these painful bumps will only make them worse, foot doctor says

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On the eve of ESC 2014 — Barcelona Spain

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in General Cardiology, Social Media/Writing/Blogging

The 2014 European Society of Cardiology Congress begins tomorrow in Barcelona, Spain. I’m here with my colleagues from the Medscape | Cardiology to cover the action. ESC is special because it is such a large meeting, with over 30,000 registered attendees and more than 500 journalists. This year’s addition has an added flair–as the […]

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Health care big data will fail unless we remove the silos

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Health IT, Mobile health, Tech

A few days ago a colleague of mine was inching south through the mother of all traffic jams: 60 straight miles of construction work on I-95 just south Washington, DC. The three-lane highway was jammed. Route 1, which runs parallel to I-95 was also jammed. Cars were stalled in the middle of the highway having […]

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Faced With Prostate Cancer, It Helps to Know the Enemy

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Oncology, Reproductive Medicine, News,

Men with little knowledge of the disease have trouble deciding on treatment, study finds

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Monkey Trial Supports Ebola Drug That May Have Helped 2 Stricken Americans

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Family Medicine, Infections, Pharmacy, Research, Preventive Medicine, News,

All 18 rhesus monkeys infected with the virus survived after getting the experimental medication, researchers report

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Confessions of a rebound doctor: The impact of narrow networks

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Health reform, Obama, Pediatrics, Policy

“We lost our regular doctor with Obamacare, so now we have to see you.” I routinely ask my new patients how they heard about our pediatric office, and this is the answer I dread most. My pediatric practice is a very nice and modern private office, and in my opinion, full of excellent physicians. I entrust my […]

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Biggest Ever Weekly Rise in Ebola Cases, U.N. Agency Says

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Family Medicine, Infections, Preventive Medicine, News,

About 500 new infections reported across West Africa, including first case in Senegal

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The medical chart is coming to an end. Here’s why.

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Health IT, Physician, Primary care

“Dr. Sevilla, I have a question for you,” a patient asked me this week. “I’m going to tell you something, but I DO NOT want it put in the chart.” Hmm, I asked myself, can I really do that? It’s the patient’s wish, right? The patient went on to tell me that she heard about this […]

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The Future of Medicine in One Word Cloud

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in future, healthcare, medicine, Robotics, technology, The Guide to the Future of Medicine

My book, The Guide to the Future of Medicine, will become available on in black&white paperback, colored paperback and Kindle formats on the 2nd of September. After sharing an excerpt…

Visit my blog to read the whole article and other…

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European MRSA Originated in Sub-Saharan Africa, Study Finds

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Infections, Preventive Medicine, News,

Trends in tourism, migration may have contributed to its spread, researchers say

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Encouraging Your Baby’s Babbling May Speed Language Development

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Pediatrics, News,

Researchers found that when parents responded, infants began to form more complex sounds

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Scientists Find Differences in Brains of Those With Dyslexia

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Neurology, Pediatrics, Research, News,

Scans showed less connectivity in regions linked to reading

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Study Counters Critics of Plainer Cigarette Packaging

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Preventive Medicine, News,

Tobacco industry claims change would harm small businesses, but Australian experience refutes that

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Why Liberians raided the Ebola clinic

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in conditions, Infectious disease

“No Ebola in West Point” was the reported cry of the local crowd that attacked a quarantine center and freed patients in a township near Liberia’s capital.  Their words signaled skepticism toward the Liberian government and disbelief in the spread of the Ebola virus. Continue reading … Your patients are rating you online: How to […]

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Inhaled medications: Nefarious reasons for the lack of competition

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Medications, Meds, Pulmonology

Check out the prices for nebulizer solutions of albuterol and budesonide (generic Pulmicort). They are totally affordable. $4 for a month for albuterol. $14 for a month for budesonide respules. Pulmicort respules used to be very expensive. Now even the branded budesonide is  less than 10% of a monthly cable bill. Continue reading … Your […]

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Oops, too much morphine

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Uncategorized

A resident noticed a human factors problem that led to an accidental overdose of morphine to a patient.  It wasn’t fatal, but it led to some concern, and as he notes could be more problematic in other cases.  A good catch for sure by an alert…

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Top stories in health and medicine, August 29, 2014

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in endocrinology, GI, News, OB/GYN, Rheumatology

From MedPage Today: Thyroid Problems May Up BP Risks in Pregnancy. Women with hyperthyroidism and even high-normal free T4 during early pregnancy had an elevated risk for developing hypertensive disorders. Study Questions Surveillance Colonoscopy. Removal of adenomatous polyps — without follow-up surveillance colonoscopy — led to a colorectal-cancer mortality similar to that of the general population. […]

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Hawaiian memories

Posted on 29. Aug, 2014 by in Uncategorized

In 1989 my family was renting a condo in Kaanapali.The one above us had a group of 4 college-aged women on vacation. We often heard them talking out on the balcony. They didn’t bother us, we just noticed who the upstairs neighbors were.Anyway, one day …

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